Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Today programme

On my way back from the pool I caught the Today programme asking for sightings of candidates and what they were wearing. Dashed off an email:

Over 27 years of campaigning I have developed a serviceable candidates outfit for my husband.
Machine washable trousers - dogs, kids building sites and "I'd just like you to take a look at the damage they have done to my garden" make these trousers essential.
Comfortable footwear-The kind of trainers that are disguised as casual shoes, dark coloured, rubber soled. Vital for jumping fences and running away.
Layers of topcover. Raincoat jacket jumper shirt for varied climate conditions. I would prefer a tieless candidate but BBM insists on large numbers of these and spills a variety of food on them each day.
Finally, most essential item: Gloves. These are absolutely essential to prevent damage to hands from modern postboxes which are designed to repel rather than encourage leaflets. Also to protect from dog bites. I think some voters round here have been trainming their dogs up since the last election.
And how does he look my candidate? A complete shambles of course, just a more casual shambles than appears at Westminster.

This elicited a response just after lunch time. Apparently I was the only person who wrote having seen a candidate. There were various claims from other listeners that they had voted in the same place since 1950 and never seen anyone who wanted their vote.

They ask me to come on on Friday morning and describe the candidates outfit.

Spend the rest of the day interviewing constituents in next door electorate for "Make Votes Count" survey to try to encourage proportional representation. Have set myself a target of 200 responses. May take forever.


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