Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunglasses at the ready

Unmasked by the Mail on Sunday. Sweet irony, they get a thousand words for free. Put on biggest sunglasses (Versace £99 Sunglass Hut Heathrow terminal 3 ) and head for Tesco in the next constituency. The Lib Dems are canvassing at the door. Candidate has soap box and very large hammer (think tent pegs) on top.

What's the hammer for?" I ask cheerily. Candidate quickly explains it's to stop the box blowing away. We start chatting. He touches my wrist."Have you ever considered voting Liberal Democrat?" Whip off the sunnies and reveal that he has known me for a quarter of a century. He grins and tells me that the Mail on Sunday piece was on the daily Lib dems Candidates briefing. Wow.

BBM sits in the garden for a few minutes and pronounces weather warm enough for a walk along the front. It is'nt. The wind is chill, but he enjoys the high recognition factor.


Blogger Geoff said...

Great blog shouldnt the title now technically be an ex-MP's wife - until after the election when I'm sure he will be re-elected

1:25 AM  

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