Sunday, April 24, 2005

Poster Wars

This has so far been an election without posters. In previous years much time and money has been spent expecially in marginals to put posters everywhere. It used to happen here too, but the only posters in town are on the trees outside Tory HQ, just up the street from us. I think that wall to wall newspaper and TV coverage and telephone canvassing has taken over.

BBM hankers for the old days so a few weeks ago I asked the next door neighbours, a very friendly couple of comprehensive school teachers if they would mind if we put a big "Vote Labour" poster on the front of our house. We are a terrace with our living rooms on the first floor so it's very easy to tie a poster to the balcony. They smile and say it wont be a problem at all as long as we don't mind their supersized Liberal democrat poster. Oh dear discuss this with BBM who says we should just put a small poster in the window and leave it to them to up the anti. A week goes by and nothing happens. Our six foot by four foot plasticised instruction to vote labour languishes in the front hall.

On Saturday morning I went out for the papers and was greeted on my return by a yellow glow in the sky and "Vote Andrew de Freitas Liberal Candidate" covering pretty much the whole balcony of number 15. We live by a bus stop bang in the middle of town so it's causing much interest and amusement for Saturday morning shoppers. BBM is cross. "I didn't think they'd dare" he mumbles.

Sykes and Archie and Richard (granchildren and their dad) arrive to accompany BBM to football. Local derby with next constituency. I punch holes round the border of our giant sign and the men go out to tie it to the balcony. BBM wants to be in on it all but everyone agrees that he is safer down in the street photographing the great event.

People on the bus and in passing cars cannot believe the advertising war which has begun. "this is more like it!" says an old bloke leaning on my front gate. "This is what elections used to be like."

Consider nipping up to Conservative HQ to suggest that they move their banner to join ours. But I don't know if I can bear two more weeks intense scrutiny by every passerby. When we first moved in here I didn't realise there was a bus stop right outside the door. We were waiting for our curtains and I was sitting on the bed stark naked giving my feet a bit of tlc. I looked up and there was the whole upper deck of a number 27 grinning with delight or gaping in amazement only a few yards from our second floor window.


Blogger chrissy2sheds said...

your blog looks a bit like mine! Strange you have no comments after the bit in the Daily Mail There is a poster war in Barnstaple the conservative posters have been graffitied with swastikas and bollocks!

1:22 PM  
Blogger RAD said...

i never saw anything like that when i lived in g******. Kind of funny!

2:17 PM  
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