Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lord dismiss us ....

Lord dismiss us with thy blessing, we sang every last day of term at the girls' high school. It was like that in Portcullis house on Thursday. Those retiring who'd planned it and were looking forward to it, were jolly. Those who didn't know what the future held...they wanted to come back but had small majorities (under say four thousand) over the Tories, were scared. Mostly people who'd won their seats for the first time in 1997 and now felt that Tory gods wanted retribution. There were farewell lunches with staff and cobbled up agreements "If you don't win, I'd love to take on your researcher" "If I don't win, will you do something to help Janet?"

BBM has what's known as a safe seat, so none of this applies. We load the car with absolutely everything we think we will need for a month in the constituency, and have not even got as far as Finchley when we are making a list of essentials we have left behind.


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