Monday, April 18, 2005

The first week of the campaign

What a hopeless failure I am. I was going to write a witty amusing paragraph every day, and I have done everything but. It's been awful. At least eight hours every day cleaning and preparing rooms for researchers and out of town assistants. I spent the first weekend of the campaign dejunking the upstairs rooms at BBM's local office. Since May 1st 1997 they have been using them as storeage space for everything they will never need again. The local Labour party offices were sold a year ago and in the hiatus till they got new ones BBM thoughtfully stored all the junk they had no place for. Dozens of cartons of dead paperback books. Nothing you or I would want to read but the leftovers from every party fete and Xmas fayre for the past decade. Barbara Cartland romances with coffee rings, Dennis Wheatley, and Anthony Robbins guides for a better future.

The stairs are mean and steep. I struggled up and down and down and up until my back ached, stopping now and then to read odd gems from the past. There were boxes and boxes of old files (carbon copies, remember them?) Poster sites for the 1979 election. Every single person who offered to take a poster is now dead, what kind of message is that?

Anyway I was left totally to my own devices. In some ways this was brilliant, unsupervised I managed to take eighteen sacks of rubbish to the tip without BBM moaning about destroying valuable archives. When the staff returned on Monday morning I was down to the harmless stuff: old clothes, manual typewriters, word processors, early computers. As BBM has never learned how to work a computer he can hardly complain when I proclaim them all worthless. The office staff watch silently as I trail up and down, in and out to my car. I dare to mention this to BBM and he points out that they have important work to do for constituents. I on the other hand am only an MP's wife, entirely suited it seems to making life more comfortable for them.

Thump a pot plant down in the bathroom, chuck a pile of clean towels on the beds and head for home. BMM comes in with a ruddy canvassers glow and dares to ask what I have been doing all day, and what's for supper.

Take ten minutes off to watch the Blair Brown video ad by Anthony Minghella. Can't believe how strange it is. Looks to me as it is designed to show that Blair and Brown can't get on. Blair is in shirt sleeves Brown had coat and tie like he's ready for a trip to the kirk. The speak across one another, around one another, over one another, never to one another. Not even at one another. It seems a disaster to me and I voice my opinion forcibly to important bloke in the local party. "Oh you media types" he snaps. "I thought it was wonderful. Really showed them getting on together."


Blogger bas said...

I agree... the Minghella video was most peculiar. With its soft focus and soporific lighting, it made them look like the love-struck couple in that Nescafe ad (with mugs rather than cups, of course). Tony seemed totally transfixed by the Gorgon who, gazing up like Princess Diana in one of her more rugged moments, leaked unbridled lust towards his rival... sorry, colleague. Very unsettling... though I do wish them all the best.

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