Wednesday, April 20, 2005

15 bloggy days to go

what a bad blogger I have turned out to be. This is the first election with blogging and I realise now just how hard it it to record anything. First there's BBM: king of the bloggers. I pointed out to him just after I started and it has now become the very reason for his existence. Sometimes he's posting two thousand words a day. It gets mentioned on the radio and quoted in the papers, so he is thrilled - this is his way of getting a bit of input to the national campaign. If he could use a computer then I would never have to see the bloody stuff, and wouldn't be put off my own blog- but of course he can't post without me. He has a keyboard such as are issued to children with learning difficulties. He blogs away on this. Then I connect it up to my computer, watch it transcribe itself at about fifty words a minute and email the chaos to his secretary. She spell checks it. He gets a double spaced print out from me. He edits this and faxes it to her and she then makes the corrections. He reads it all through again (no wonder it's funny) and passes it to a third member of staff and she posts it. Or doesn't.

While we were at Westminster it was fine because one of BBMs London researchers did the postings. A young sparky lad he didn't care a bugger about the content. Here in the constituency it is a different story. The posting researcher "just happened" to show the copy to some of the old codgers in the local party and the outcome was predictable- total disaster. They complained to BBM and to a man insisted thay he must stop publishing unless they got editorial control!

War rages and nothing has reached BBM's blogsite for a week. I suggested yesterday to BBM that this was crazy and he poked the researcher into action. Except that she didn't really know the password or the username and she fiddled with it so much that I got an email saying we must change the password, and it took two hours to sort the whole thing out. Two hours when I might well have blogged myself.

BBM is moaning. No one has quoted him on the BBC or in the papers for a few days and he knows the reason why!

Latest news is that researcher will come round here this afternoon and I will let her use my machine to post. We will see.

The election? Good heavens what with three cooked meals a day and worrying about the blogs, the laundry, and the deep depression from being a fulltime MPs wife, theres no time for anything else. But here's a promise. I am going to post something at least once a day for the next fifteen days, no matter how great the obstructions, the distractions and the instructions issued by BBM.

I will be heard.


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