Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday March 7th 2005

We sneaked a week away. I thought we were very lucky when the Whips agreed to a pre-election break, but realised when we got back last night that the government had been in real trouble last week and the absence of BBM could only be good news as he was bound to have voted against house arrest for terrorists. Can you imagine house arrest working with terrorists? Are they supposed to sit at home all day plotting and knitting up gelegnite jumpers, rather than meeting their mates in Starbucks?

I am in deep trouble. I already had 6 points on my license. Three for doing forty six in a forty zone at six o'clock on a Sunday morning near Manchester and three for doing ditto at 5 am on the Finchley Road.

Then in one awful week I took BBM twice to the station for the London train. This involves travelling through the South Yorkshire Revenue Raising know the sort of thing 60/50/40/50/40/30 all in the space of 5 miles, and I got done twice! I sent in the money but they sent back one lot saying that I would be up to twelve points and liable for disqualification. Now I have to present myself at court and argue my case. Trouble is everyone knows the election is going to be on May 5th, and if the magistrate doesn't like me I will be banned and I won't be able to drive BBM around all the time and help out with canvassing, taking voters to the polls and all the other damned awful things I am supposed to help out with before polling day. Add that to the fact that news is bound to get out if I am banned and the constituents will think BBM is married to a criminal. And thats before I start worrying how the hell I will get to work.


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